More on the Boy Scout troop the “Queen’s Own,” 1914.


A beautiful silk Hawaiian flag emblazoned with Queen Liliuokalani’s own crest and bearing the motto “Onipaa” which means “Be steadfast,” yesterday afternoon was presented by her majesty to Honolulu V. Boy Scouts of America, commanded by Scoutmaster Harry S. Hayward and known as the “Queen’s Own.” A pretty ceremony was held at Washington place at 4:30 o’clock during the presentation. Attired in a becoming brown satin holoku, with a light shawl thrown over her shoulders, the queen looked remarkably well as she stood on the lanai and greeted the members of the scout patrol. Colonel Curtis P. Iaukea acted as master of ceremonies, and standing with the queen were Kaipo, Mrs. George Smithies, Mr. and Mrs. John Dominis, Mrs. C. P. Iaukea and Gerrit P. Wilder.

Scout Commissioners James A. Wilder commanded the scouts and, after the troop had lined up in front of the queen’s residence and delivered the salute, her majesty was escorted to a seat on the lawn, following which the scouts went through several interesting drills, performed with remarkable alacrity.

Then came the presentation. Her majesty unfurled the beautiful flag, the workmanship of Mrs. Harry S. Hayward, and presented it to Henry Thompson who, as Commissioner Wilder explained, is the best scout in the patrol. Colonel Iaukea spoke a few words in behalf of the queen, thanking the scouts and their leader, as well as Mr. Wilder, for the opportunity afforded her to see them in action. Commissioner Wilder, in answer said, “May you live long, your majesty; that we may pay our respects to you on the anniversary of this day and occasion for years to come.” The “scout band,” consisting of Commissioner Wilder with a flute and two drummers, played “Hawaii Ponoi” and then withdrew.

[Did you see the article in the Winter 2013 edition of Bishop Museum’s Elele? It seems this flag was gifted to the museum by the Boy Scouts back in 2012! Click here to get that issue downloaded.

Also, see more coverage here: Hawaiian Boy Scouts stitch their place in history by Bryan Wendell.]

(Star-Bulletin, 2/13/1914, p. 11)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXI, Number 6818, Page 11. February 13, 1914.

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