More on art by Nawahi, 1877.

From the Pen of the Hon. J. Nawahi.

Hilo, May 13.—My Dear Whitney, Aloha—It has not been perhaps twelve hours since we met on May 9, and there has arrived fearful news. That being the Tsunami [Kai Hoee] here in Hilo! Here are drawings [paintings?] done right soon after the flooding by the sea which I enclose. [These three pictures of the tsunami exacting its terrible act can be seen in the window of Whitney’s Book Store, Editor.]

The first picture is of the conditions of Ohele in Waiakea right after the tsunami was over. The second picture is of the victims who escaped the onslaught of the sea. The third picture is of the area where the old market stood.

There were five who died. One man, two women, and two small children. There were four who were severely hurt, and 50 who barely survived. There were 30 or more houses that were damaged. There were 15 animals that died, they being horses and donkeys. Most have no homes. There is not enough food for the coming month. The damage incurred is probably no less than $25,000. This is a period of rain. The haole and Hawaiians here in Hilo are helping out with what they have, but it will not be enough.

J. Nawahi.

(Kuokoa, 5/26/1877, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XVI, Helu 21, Aoao 2. Mei 26, 1877.

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