Sol K. Bright returns home with bride, Wanda Rogers, 1931.

Sol K. Bright Makes Good As Musician; Returns to Islands

Another home town boy who made good in the musical world on the mainland, Sol K. Bright, son of Andrew Bright, parole  officer on the Honolulu police force, is coming back this week. He is expected Wednesday morning on the S. S. Manoa.

Endowed with a winning personality, the story of young Bright’s rise along Tin Pan Alley reads like a chapter of the celebrated Horatio Alger legend.

He was only a sophomore student at St. Louis College here back in 1928 when, like many a local ambitious Hawaiian youth with “musical ear,” left for California in quest of fame and fortune. But he was fortunate to have Solomon Hoopii as his master. Hoopii is another home town boy who has carved a bigger name from a humble beginning who returned Friday and who will be heard in the twilight concert Monday at the Princess. It was Hoopii who took Bright along, following the former’s short vacation here after being away in the States for over 10 years.

Prior to his departure, young Bright was a drum and trap artist on his sister’s quintet, the Hannah Bright’s orchestra. It didn’t take long for Sol to master the steel guitar under Hoopii’s tutelage and soon Bright organized his own trio to start business in movie, hotel and radio contracts. His trio is a popular entertainer on the NBC network.

And now Sol is coming back, not with is trio but something better—a wife, the former Wanda Rogers. This home-coming is more in the nature of a honeymoon as far as the two is concerned. Sol will  hook up temporarily while here with Hoopiii’s outfit and local friends will have a chance to hear real Hawaiian steel music. A South Sea trip is tentatively planned.


Left to right, George Archer, Sol K. Bright,and James Purdy, local boys, who are on the Mainland entertaining and playing through the radio.

(Honolulu Advertiser, 10/18/1931, p. 6)


Honolulu Advertiser, 76th Year, Number 16,050, Page 6. October 18, 1931.


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