Death of Maikunu Ulii at Kalaupapa, 1919.

[Found under: “KELA AME KEIA”]

The grandchild of Mr. Ulii of Puueo, child of Manoa Ulii, that being Maikunu Ulii, died recently, on this past Saturday, the 4th of this month; the child was perhaps 16 or 17 years old at the Land of suffering, and it is rest in Paradise that these people suffering this kind of ordeal will have.

[I could not make out the name “Maikunu”. More examples of why the newspapers need to be rescanned! If you want more history, more genealogy, more information from Hawaii’s past, rescanning is important.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 1/16/1919, p. 3)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 12, Helu 33, Aoao 3. Ianuari 16, 1919.

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