Joseph Kaiponohea Aea, 1901.

—It is expected that our first and nearest insular possession in the Pacific—the Sandwich Islands—will soon have a representative in the Military Academy at West Point,  in the person of Mr. Joseph Kaiponohea Aea. Mr. Aea is a young man of eighteen years, a pure-blood Hawaiian native. He is a fine specimen of manly, physical development, and has in him, apparently, the making of a true soldier. He has been educated in the best schools of Hawaii, and is well known on the island as a bright and promising young man. He has been recommended for a cadetship by Mr. Robert W. Wilcox, delegate to Congress from Hawaii. Under the new disciplinary  regime inaugurated at West Point, Mr. Aea, if appointed, may be assured of fair and honorable treatment on the part of his class-mates. He will be the first, but in all probability not the last, of the young men of lands and races recently alien to us to take advantage of the opportunities offered by our government for a military training at West Point. The question of allowing Porto Rico four representatives at the academy was the occasion  of an exciting debate in Congress a few days ago. Next to come knocking at the doors of the academy will be a group of young Filipinos.

(Leslie’s Weekly, 3/9/1901, p. 219.)


Leslie’s Weekly, Volume XCII, Number 2374, Page 219. March 9, 1901.

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