Queen Liliuokalani’s circuit around the island, 1891.


Her Majesty the Queen was entertained at Makao, near Hauula, Koolauloa, on Saturday by Mr. Lane and other prominent Hawaiians of that locality. In the afternoon, the Queen went  out canoe riding, the canoe being drawn by a lively span of horses by means of ropes attached to the canoe.The horses were ridden at full gallop, the canoe skimming along the surface of the water at a lively rate. After the novel canoe ride Her Majesty and many others went out sea bathing.

On Sunday, the Queen and party attended the Mormon Church at Laiewai, the followers of Brigham Young attending in large numbers. The Queen remained for the night at the residence at that place of the Hon. Cecil Brown.

On Monday morning, the royal party left in wagonettes, others being on horses, for Kahuku Plantation, visiting on the way “Laiewai,” a small lake several miles from the coast, being noted in legends as the place where “Laieikawai,” a fairy belle, was nursed in  one of its secret places. This lake is much visited by strangers. Arriving at Kahuku, the Queen and party were treated to a sumptuous luau.

About noon, Her Majesty and suite left for Waialua. When they  reached the Waimea stream over which a new bridge has been recently built, and was forbidden to the public until the Queen crossed it first, appropriate remarks from some of Waialua’s prominent citizens were made on  the occasion of crossing the bridge. When the ceremony ended, the party proceeded to Waialua, arriving there early in the afternoon, the royal party putting up at Gov. Domins’ (Prince Consort) country residence.

The Royal party returned to town on Wednesday afternoon, after having made a circuit of this island.

(Hawaiian  Gazette, 8/18/1891, p. 7)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XXVI, Number 33, Page 7. August 18, 1891.


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