Stone image is found, and half a story is not a whole story! 1847.

Thing of the olden days awakened.

On the past 31st of March, I heard there were some people searching  for the stone image, and the name of that stone is Kanepohakaa. These are the names of the people, Palaha and Nawaiahu. Nawaiahu went to get Palaha. He said, “Get…

(Elele, 8/7/1847, p. 70)


Ka Elele, Buke 3, Pepa 9, Aoao 70. Augate 7, 1847.

…bring back to the shore,… because he woke the old woman up.”…. that stone god, “come get… me, I am nearly lost… Then the old woman said… people who threw in the water… Payment with life for them, these are the… they searched, at Moalawakeo-… These are the people who are afflicted with sickness,… tax collectors, died… Kaane, Haehae, and Daniela Oleloa, his position as Judge in Waioli is over. Those were… of that stone.

This is my thoughts for you, O Elele Hawaii:” I had assumed that the ignorant days of the Hawaiians were over… but I was wrong! their thoughts wander to the foolish gods of the olden days, and the… people of Hanalei are worshiping stone god. Who are these people?… the house of Jehovah,… worshiping that stone god. My thoughts on this matter are done.

Hulama Opio.

Waioli, Kauai, Apr.5, 1847.

[This is just another example of a tightly bound newspaper. Edges of the article fell into the margin, and cannot be read. We need to unbind this newspaper and scan it clearly  if we think the information is important.]

(Elele, 8/7/1847, p. 71)


Ka Elele, Buke 3, Pepa 9, Aoao 71. Augate 7, 1847.

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