“Real Hilo weather” on Kamehameha Day 100 years ago! 1919.


Celebration at Mooheau Park Goes Ahead Full Swing in Spite of Showers and Threatening Skies.


Although rain fell this morning in Hilo, it did not put an end to the celebration of Kamehameha Day. Not so anybody would notice it, for the crowd turned up at Mooheau park to enjoy the baseball game between the road workers and the county employees, the other stunts that had been prepared, and to sit down to the big luau which began at noon. The rainmade little or no difference and the people declared unanimously that it was “real Hilo weather” and most enjoyable.

Luau at Park.

The Mooheau park pavilion was the scene of the luau and it was decorated in fine shape with flags and red, white and blue bunting. The tables were many and they were all used two and three times, for the attendance at the feast was immense.

The ladies who had worked so hard and long on the arrangements of the luau were delighted with the manner in which their efforts were appreciated by the guests. Every delicacy that could be prepared in the county  seemed to be on the tables and there was unlimited soda-water to wash it all down with.

(Daily Post-Herald, 6/11/1919, p. 1)


The Daily Post-Herald, Volume XI, Number 810, Page 1. June 11, 1919.

The county supervisors from East Hawaii were present in force and they were congratulated by many upon their re-election to office. Chairman Kauhane was the center of a large group most of the time and he told stories of the old days when Kamehameha Day was the one big celebration of the year in Hawaii.

‘There were many country visitors present and from all parts of East Hawaii there were to be seen men who are connected with the county departments. The deepest interest was taken in the whole affair and many a bet of a cigar or two was made before the ball teams began to get ready for their contest.

Ball Game

This afternoon there is to be a big ball game between the All Stars and a picked Hilo team. The fans are  looking forward to the game with keen delight and it is expected that there will be far more people at Mooheau park as the day wears on.

It being a legal holiday throughout the territory, all the banks and government departments closed their doors and the business section of the city took on the aspect of a quiet Sunday, without even a church bell ringing.

Many automobile parties made their way to the Volcano this morning and there will be many dinner guests at the Volcano House this evening. The crater is reported to be very active at present and hundres of people are visiting Madame Pele today.

The results of the ball game and other sports this morning were as follows:

The Fat Man’s race over the 100 yard course resulted in a dead heat. A. A. Hapai and Otto Medeiros breasting the tape simultaneously. Time 10 minutes flat.

The ball game between the Road Board boys and the county officials resulted in a score of 13 to 11 in favor of the Road Board.

The ladies’ race and the sack race were called off on account of rain.

(Daily Post-Herald, 6/11/1919, p. 6)


The Daily Post-Herald, Volume XI, Number 810, Page 6. June 11, 1919.

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