Arrival of the first Japanese contract laborers, 1868.


On the 19th of June, the ship name the Scioto [Kioko] landed, 33 days from Japan, with 147 contracted laborers to work for three years. There are six of these people who came with their wives. There was one baby born on the ship during the voyage on the ocean.

These Japanese are being picked as laborers for the sugarcane plantations. Mr. Wilder [Waila] selected some of these laborers, and a Japanese woman and her husband were also selected for the sugar plantation  at Kualoa, the land where a Chinese child was given birth by a Chinese woman who was selected for that place. There are a multitude of those kind of people in Kualoa: haole, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Lolokoa, Manihiki, and what other kinds of people live in that sugar plantation land. All people come from one blood, and from one ancestor.

There is one right thing, to be enlightened one and all by the word of Life. Let all the different people be taught to gather at Kualoa, and all over Hawaii at schools; they will be taught the word of God, and to love one another, then we will live in unity.

[Ke Alaula was a religious paper put out by the Hawaiian Evangelical Association.]

(Alaula, 7/1/1868, p. 14)


Ke Alaula, Buke III, Helu 4, Aoao 14. Iulai 1, 1868.

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