Where are these ten hula paintings? 1893.


A Series of Pictures of Native Hawaiians on Exhibition.

W. Cogswell, a well-known portrait-painter on the Pacific Coast, has on exhibition at the artrooms of Sanborn, Vall & Co. a series of ten pictures of native Hawaiians in their historical dance. Mr. Cogswell has been in Honolulu for the past two years and has executed a number of portraits while there. The pictures on exhibition are considered among his best works and represent the best type of native Hawaiian girls. The subjects of the portraits were the favorite dancers of the late King and were painted from life sittings, and as represented are not only artistic studies, but interesting and pleasing pictures as well. These pictures will probably be received for the art exhibit at the World’s Fair.

(SF Call, 2/26/1893, p. 9)


The Sunday Call, Volume LXXIII, Number 88, Page 9. February 26, 1893.

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