Committee of Thirteen and the Calvinists, 1893.


What are the each of the Names of this Nation Overthrowing Committee of Missionaries?

There will come a time when each of their names are made known.

What are the thoughts and aims of this Missionary Committee?

This is their aim, “To overthrow the Monarchy of Hawaii nei, and to turn it into a Republic.”

This is what was publicly stated by someone who saw and was present at the evil Meetings in days past, five years or more ago. This is some of what he stated openly in a Newspaper of Honolulu in the year 1889.

“The Committee of Thirteen of the Missionary Circle tried to make the Nation of Hawaii into a Republic; however, they  were all thwarted, and are bowing their heads, and yet they are not ashamed in the least.”

Allow me to clarify this Word “Missionary.”

This word does not pertain to the Roman Catholic Missionaries; nor to the Anglican Missionaries; nor to the Missionaries of the Latter Days, and the Seventh Day Religion (Sunday). But it pertains to the Missionaries of the faith called the “Calvinists.”

From within that faith come the Committee of 13 of the Missionary Circle, who desired to overthrow the Monarchy of Hawaii nei, in 1887, and make it a Republic.

And because it did not come to fruition during those days, they eased off from then until during this past January, when they showed up once again with shameless brazen eyes, and plundered like black-hearted thieves, with aid from some American Government Officials, with the thought perhaps that this would be the means by which the evil desires of their hearts would be carried out.

There is much hypocrisy and the wretchedness spewing from the worshipers of the Calvinists. But it is not from the faith that comes the wrong, but from the people. The religion is separate and the people and their evil hearts are separate.

Therefore, O Hawaiians, be vigilant to the hypocritical teachings of those people whose nature is now known.

Don’t listen anymore to their deception of these days and in the coming future.

It could not be more late.

Hilo Bay.

(Leo o  ka Lahui, 3/23/1893, p. 3)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 668, Aoao 3. Maraki 23, 1883.

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