Queen Liliuokalani denied lodging at four hotels in New York, 1901.


NEW YORK. Nov. 30.—Queen Liliuokalani arrived here without any previous announcement, on this past Friday, and she was denied lodging in four of the very beautiful Hotels, that being the Waldorf-Astoria, Savoy, Netherlands, and Plaza. When they went to the Plaza Hotel, a servant of the Queen saw her, and being that he heard them saying that they would be going to the Roland Hotel, this boy went quickly and announced that Queen Liliu was arriving. When they arrived at the Roland Hotel, the  secretary of the Queen, Joshua Aea, asked that they be given the hotel’s best rooms for some ladies, and a room close to that room for him and a friend.

“Not just anyone is allowed in this hotel,” said the clerk. “Do you have any bags?”

“Sir,” said the secretary, while showing the papers indicating the number of their bags, “I grow weary of these frustrations; I am the secretary of the Queen; and this here is the Queen.”

“Where is this Queen From?”

“This is Queen Liliuokalani.”

It was only then that she was allowed a room in this hotel. The Queen will leave New York and go on all the way to Washington.

The reason the Queen was barred was because she was thought to be a rich Black woman going around posing as the Queen so that she would be let in to those beautiful hotels. Those hotels have a very strict rule not to let Blacks stay there. If it was known that this was Queen Liliuokalani then perhaps she would not have been driven off in this way that we saw.

(Kuokoa, 12/13/1901, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXIX, Helu 24, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 13, 1901.


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