A birthday surprise for Princess Liliuokalani, 1874.

Birthday of Princess Liliu.

In the morning of this past Wednesday, September 2, Princess Liliu Loloku Kamakaeha was surprised by the Band, by them coming before her to give their praises to the princess by playing music for her turning thirty-six years old, because she was born here in Honolulu one the 2nd of September 1838 from Hon. C. Kapaakea and the chiefess Keohokalole. Here are the mele that were played:

King Kalakaua March [Ka Moi Kalakaua March]

Silent Wishes, Melody

Memories of Girlhood

All, Alone, Ballad

Home, Sweet Home

Liliu March

Gov. Dominis March.

And in the afternoon, the chief whose birthday it was gave a small party at Hamohamo to commemorate that day her parents and her arrival in the world. We pray that her days will be lengthened, and that they be filled with blessings.

(Kuokoa, 9/5/1874, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 36, Aoao 2. Sepatemaba 5, 1874.


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