100 years since the Missionaries left Boston, 1919.


The image below is of the very first group of Missionaries to leave Boston, on the 23 of the month of October, 1819. Yesterday makes a full one hundred years from their leaving America aboard the brig [mokupe’a] Thaddeus, and landed at Kailua, Hawaii, on the 4th of April, 1820. Seen are each of their names beneath their pictures; and on the 10th of April of this coming year, it will be a hundred years since their arrival in Hawaii nei, with commemorations held for them by Hawaii’s people in this town.

Pioneer Company

Brig Thaddeus,164 days from  Boston. Arrived at Kailua, April 4, 1920. Landed at Honolulu, April 19, 1820.

Rev. Hiram Bingham; Mrs. Sybil (Moseley) Bingham; Mr. Samuel Ruggles; Mrs. Nancy (Wells) Ruggles; Rev. Asa Thurston; Mrs. Lucy (Goodale) Thurston

Capt. Daniel Chamberlain; Mrs. Mercy (Partridge) Whitney; Mrs. Jerusha (Burnett) Chamberlain; Mr. Samuel Whitney; Mr. Elisha Loomis; Dr. Thomas Holman; Mrs. Lucia (Ruggles) Holman; Mrs. Maria Theresa (Sartwell) Loomis; Mrs. Holman Tomlinson

[Yesterday made 200 years…]

(Kuokoa, 10/24/1919, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVII, Helu 43, Aoao 1. Okatoba 24, 1919.

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