John B. Madins Jr., paperboy, 1916.



Son of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Madins of Nuuanu street, near Kukui street. John was born in Honolulu in November, 1895. In a railroad accident at Waialua in 1912 he lost both legs and on getting out of the hospital he started selling the Star-Bulletin and now has a profitable business established, working it with a force of six newsboys. He can be found on the corner of Fort and King streets in his wheelchair cheerfully supplying his regular customers and all others who look for the Star-Bulletin at this point every afternoon. John is a good, industrious boy, and, although handicapped in life as few others are, is always cheerfully hustling. A paper bought from John gives you the news and increases his business. Patronize John!

(Star-Bulletin, 6/24/1916, p. 16)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXIII, Number 7551, Page 16. June 24, 1916.


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