Different coverage of Ioane Ukeke performance, 1880.

[Found under: “BRIEF MENTION.”]

One of those delightful and chaste performances known as the “Hula” was presented to a dense and admiring audience at the Chinese Theatre on Saturday last. The illustrious reviver of this heathen dance, Mr. Ioane Ukeke, having thoroughly studied the question as to how the most money can be made from the least work, has come to the conclusion that in the prosecution of the hula he has arrived at the most satisfactory solution of the problem. The encouragement of vagrancy is especially necessary in our present state of society and the acknowledged king of the dance must not be interfered with. Another performance will be given at Buffum’s Hall this evening, and those whose √¶sthetic tastes have not yet been appeased will be able to satisfy the same this evening by the payment of fifty cents.

(PCA, 7/31/1880, p. 3)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXV, Number 5, Page 3. July 31, 1880.


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