Queen Kapiolani’s new royal standard, 1885.

[Found under: “LOCAL & GENERAL NEWS.”]

This morning, precisely at eight o’clock, a very interesting ceremony took place at the Palace. A few minutes before the hour a detachment of soldiers marched from the barracks with the Royal Standard and a new flag for Her Majesty Queen Kapiolani. As the clock struck eight they were hoisted up on the top of the building, the drum corps playing from the barracks. The Queen’s flag, which was hoisted for the first time, is a very handsome one. It is a white ground, in the centre of which is a red circle with the inscription “Kalaualani,” the whole of which is surmounted by a crown.

(Daily Bulletin, 2/12/1885, p. 3)

The Daily Bulletin, Volume VII, Number 943, Page 3. February 12, 1885.

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