Announcing the new Hawaiian-language section of the Garden Island, 1912.

[Found under: “LEI MOKIHANA: Edited by J. M. Kaneakua and A. G. Kaulukou.”]

Something to Benefit the People

Because of the many requests that came to us to give some columns of the Garden Island newspaper in the Hawaiian language for the good and benefit of our fellow makaainana who do not know English [ike namu ole], therefore we agreed to those requests and are establishing LEI MOKIHANA for the good of those friends of our, filled with very important ideas and the very latest, with the hope that this newcomer [the Hawaiian language section, “Lei Mokihana”] will have affectionate welcome by the mutlitudes from one side to the other of this land fragrant with Mokihana.

(Garden Island, 1/23/1912, p. 2)

The Garden Island, Volume 9, Number 4, Page 2. January 23, 1912.

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