Speaking of mokihana, 1925.

“Lei I Ka Mokihana,” Song of Kauai, Comes Out in Print; to Send Copies to John Rodgers

A little over two months after “Lei I Ka Mokihana” was sung by the Kauai Hawaiian Chorus, winner of the recent Territorial contest held at the Oliver’s Tabernacle, at the Kawaiahao church and the KGU station at The Advertiser, on the evening of the 16th of July last, the first printed copies were received from Scholz, Erickson & Co., of San Francisco, about two weeks ago when Comdr. Rodgers and his crew of the PN-9-1 were found.

Kauai stood by Comdr. Rodgers and his crew of the PN-9-1 when they arrived off the Nawiliwili Harbor, and the memory of their arrival is still ringing in the minds of the Kauai people. Henry W. Waiau, director of the chorus and composer of the “Lei I Ka Mokihana” therefore sees fit that Kauai will still contribute its share of complimentary aloha by sending a copy of Kauai’s latest song to Comdr. Rodgers and each of his crew of the PN-9-1, and have them recall some of the happy and pleasant memories of Kauai.

When “Lei I Ka Mokihana” was sung at the recent Territorial Evangelical convention held in Honolulu, it made a hit and was sung over and over again at many places, and for four successive days “Lei I Ka Mokihana” was sung at the following places. On the 17th, the chorus accepted the invitation of the Central Union church to sing “Lei I Ka Mokihana” at is social entertainment, after the director had refused to do any extra singing on that day on account of the contest to be held that evening. At the contest that evening, “Lei I Ka Mokihana” was sung again upon the request of many who assembled to witness the singing contest. The Kauai chorus of course made good by wining the first prize, and it did add more to the popularity of “Lei I Ka Mokihana.” On the 18th, “Lei I Ka Mokihana” was sung at the Navy and Army Headquarters in Honolulu, after the chorus had delivered its contestant songs that won the Navy U. M. C. A. cup, a very beautiful silver cup, for the third time in succession, and which since then became the property of the Kauai Evangelical Association through its Sunday School Association. On the 19th, “Lei I Ka Mokihana” was sung at Puuloa, and the navy men were very much pleased with it. On the 20th, “Lei I Ka Mokihana” was again sung at the Oliver’s Tabernacle when the chorus accepted the offer of the Honolulu people for a concert. Since then, demands to have “Lei I Ka Mokihana” go to print became so great, that the services of Mr. Eddie Harmon, organist of the Hawaii theatre, was secured, and he has done very creditable work in getting “Lei I Ka Mokihana” out in printed copies. Major Kealakai with Mrs. Alohikea and the Royal Hawaiian Glee club sang “Lei I Ka Mokihana” at their band and KGU concerts, and Mrs. Louisa Sheldon sings “Lei I Ka Mokihana” everywhere she goes, and she deserves much credit in bringing “Lei I Ka Mokihana” to light.

(Advertiser, 10/5/1925, p. 3)

Honolulu Advertiser, 70th Year, Number 13,757, Page 3. October 5, 1925.
Honolulu Advertiser, 70th Year, Number 13,757, Page 3. October 5, 1925.

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