Stephen L. Desha reflects on the death of Stephen William Kekuewa, 1920.


Rev. Stephen William Kekuewa let go of this life at 4 o’clock in the afternoon of this past Wednesday, Nov. 3, 1920, and let go of this worldly life at the home of his beloved daughter, Mrs. John P. Kupua, on North School Street, in Honolulu.

He was born in Luakaha, Nuuanu, on the 25th of February, 1842, and the lived in this world for 78 years, seven months and eight days. He was educated at the District Schools of Hawaii nei, and he was sent to Lahainaluna Seminary under the head teachers Rev. Sereno Edwards Bishop [Rev. E. Bihopa] and Claudius Buchanan Andrews [C. B. Anaru], and at the same time, Rev. M. Kuaea was teaching at the School; when he graduated from that School, he was prepared for the Clergy under Rev. Benjamin Wyman Parker [Rev. B. W. Paleka], the father of the Kahu of Kawaiahao Church, and the Father John Davis Paris [Makua J. D. Parisa], and he was ordained as a Pastor at Kawaiahao Church and married Miss Miriam Kamali of Waiohinu, Kau. And the two were sent to the Marshall Islands [Pae Aina o Makala] as a Missionary under the Hawaiian Evangelical Board [Papa Hawaii], and after their work was done there, they came back to live at North Kohala, until the time when the Father Rev. Bond left the Church of North Kohala, and he served as the Kahu for that Church for many years, until he was called to be a Kahu for the Church of Waialua on Oahu. That was when his first wife left this life, and he carried on his work at this parish of God, until he was joined once again in holy covenant of marriage with Mrs. Kuewa Wharton of Waialua. It was a short time after that when they left the Church of Waialua and went to serve as Kahu for the Church of Waianae, and it was at that Parish that he carried out the work of his Lord until the time when his beloved Lord took him to welcome in the beautiful Kingdom of the Lord who he greatly loved.

As for the nature of this Servant of God, there are but a few Hawaiian Kahu who are like this Hawaiian Kahu; he was gracious and truly modest in his thoughts, and he was a loving arbitrator on many instances amongst his Colleagues when there was confusion on various ideas. He was truly Devout, and a well-versed Leader to explain the word of God. His fine nature was greatly relied upon, and he was a man who did not think of himself, but always thought about the welfare of others. He was a man who showed the greatest characteristics of a father to his sons and daughters who greatly respected their honorable father. As a husband, he truly honored the position of home maker, and always sought ways to make life with his wife happy. And as a Friend and Fellow Worker int he work of his Lord, his Younger Siblings in the work were important to him, and they looked upon him as “A beloved elder brother,” and took his good advice. Kekuewa was truly an honorable Hawaiian man who made this land proud with him as a makaainana. The writer of these words states with falling tears, being that I was one who was with him these many years, and loving bond between us was not undone until death undid the loving bond of our true Friendship, but the loving remembrances for him will not be forgotten. With the beloved Family of my dearly beloved Brother goes my thoughts of aloha, and may the Lord to whom he lovingly served give them relief from this sadness.

With profound aloha,


(Hoku o Hawaii, 11/11/1920, p. 3)

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIV, Helu 24, Aoao 3. Novemaba 11, 1920.

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