Solomon Kala Kaunamano reports on the La Kuokoa celebration held in North Kohala, 1893.

The Jubilee of Hawaii Nei was Held at North Kohala, Hawaii.

Mr. Editor:

Because of the unity of the patriots of the District here of North Kohala, they carried out the honor of commemorating this day, under the leadership of S. L. Kealohaokalani, the Chairman of the Hawaiian Patriotic League of North Kohala [Hui Hawaii Aloha Aina o Kohala Akau], as a result of they selected a Committee of five members. And it was that Committee which thought of the program of events for the day, and who thought of the things that would give sustenance to the people, under the skilled direction of Mrs. M. K. Stillman [Mary Kaulalani Stillman], the Chairman of the Committee. All the activities of the day were carried out at Hinakahua, Kapaau.

O Mr. Editor: With the understanding that the responsibilities of the work fell upon this lady, the one who gave her feminine body to work for righteousness for the land, and for the benefit of all the people, should they be patriots. And because of this, she once again had the honor of selecting the Hon. G. P. Kamauoha as Overall Chairman for the day, just as the program of events below which were approved by the patriots.


Before the time came, gathered were the schools which were assigned activities for the day, they being, Makaolanakila School, Makapala Club, Hiki mai ka Lanakila Club; as well as the fathers, Rev. S. C. Luhiau and Rev. S. W. Kekuewa, and the gentlemen, S. H. K. Ne, Solomon Kamaka; and the patriots of the land, and the gentlemen and ladies of the other lahui.

When the time came, 11 A.M., that was when the activities were opened by the Chairman of the day, the Hon. G. P. Kamauoha, like the program below:

Chairman, G. P. Kamauoha. Prayer, Rev. S. C. Luhiau. Hymn, “Ke Akua Mana Loa,” Makaolanakila Club.

Speech pertaining to the Nation, Hon. G. P. Kamauoha. Reading of the Independence of Hawaii nei, Sol. Kamaka. Song “Liliulani,” Makapala Club. Speech of the Day, S. H. K. Ne. Song, “La Kuokoa,” Hiki mai ka Lanakila Club. An Expression of Love for the Jubilee, Rev. S. W. Kekuewa. Joint Song, “Kuu Aina Hanau e.”

The rest of the time began with just singing from the choirs.

Song—Girlsʻ School.
” Makapala Club, “La Kuokoa.”
” Hiki mai ka Lanakila Club.
” Makaolanakila Club
” Girlsʻ School.
” Makapala Club, “Jubilee of Hawaii.”
” Hiki mai ka Lanakila Club.
” Makaolanakila Club.
” Makapala Club, “Kaulana na pua o Hawaii.”
Hawaii Ponoi.

At the conclusion of the activities of the day, everyone was invited to come into the place of beauty where skillfully made food was prepared by Mrs. M. K. Stillman and her assistants, for filling up on. The entire assembly ate until full, those to whom the land belongs as well as the gentlemen and ladies of the other ethnicities. Everything was peaceful.

With thanks,
S. K. Kaunamano,
Secretary of the Day.
Kapaau, North Kohala, November 28, 1893.

[This account was written by Solomon Kala Kaunamano, the composer of “La Kuokoa Song.” The “Jubilee” spoken of refers to the 1893 celebration being the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Hawaii.]

(Makaainana, 1/1/1894, p. 7)

Ka Makaainana, Buke I—-Ano Hou, Helu 1, Aoao 7. Ianuari 1, 1894.

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