Mahalo to Kamaoli Kuwada for kindly allowing us to repost this! 1905/2012.


[Today is not only a day to mourn the events of 1893, but also to celebrate the courage, tenacity, and deep aloha of the lāhui Hawai’i for persisting and growing these past 119 years.

As the editors of the newspaper Ka Nai Aupuni said in an editorial published alongside Ka Moolelo o Kamehameha I:]

. . .

Kamehameha has passed on, but as for the descendants of the race of people united by his brave and fearless heart, they still live on and emerge in this time; they are not gone. Kamehameha’s fighting with his ihe, his barbed spears, is finished; the whirling of his pololū, his long spears, is ended; his struggles have retired to the sleep of ages; and the work of this time has been inherited by the Hawaiian nation of this progressive era. It is the people of this era who shall conquer a nation for themselves; it is the people of this era who will wrestle for a lifestyle of their own; it is they who will fight, not with barbed ihe, not with the long spears of the warriors of the Conqueror who has passed on, but with the firm conviction to go with ballots to the coming elections in order to build a government and a home for themselves.

(Na’i Aupuni, 11/27/1905, p. 2)


Ka Na'i Aupuni, Buke I, Helu 1, Aoao 2. Novemaba 27, 1905.

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