Beginning of KHBC, the famed radio station of Keaukaha, 1936.

The Radio Station, K.H.B.C. is Ready

Everyone talented in everything from Singing, Oli, Playing Instruments any type, and so forth, are invited to come to the radio broadcast station office in Keaukaha, K. H. B. C. The preparations for this begins on the afternoon of Monday, April 13, 1936.

The Station introduction goes, “K.H.B.C., Hilo, Hawaii, the Home of Pele.”

This Station will open on the first of May, therefore, we want these talented people to come to K. H. B. C. from now forth to prepare for the approaching first day of May.

[Vickie Ii Rodrigues’ famous composition, still heard today, begins: “Aia i ka la’i, ulalaeho; O Keaukaha la, ulalaeho; K. H. B. C., ulalaeho; Ka home a’o Pele, ulalaeho!” (There in the calm, ulalaeho; Of Keaukaha, ulalaeho; Is K. H. B. C., ulalaeho; The home of Pele, ulalaeho!)

I still recall my mom, who was born and raised in Ninole, saying that she used to listen to that station…]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 4/15/1936, p. 2)

Makaukau ka Hale Radio K. H. B. C.

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXVII, Number 39, Page 2. April 15, 1936.

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