Patients of the leprosy settlement present gift to the Waipa Trio, 1922.

Presented by the Patients of Molokai

By way of the director of the leprosy settlement on Molokai, Mr. J. D. McVeigh, the patients gave a gift to the Band of John Waipa (The Waipa Twintett) [Waipa Trio]; that singing and musical group that travelled with Representative H. A. Baldwin, to Molokai, in his effort to increase voting; and on this past Monday, Director J. D. McVeigh carried out the duty given to him, by him appearing before Mr. John Waipa and presenting him with this gift, a sum of money donated by the patients of Molokai.

There are three people in that band: Mr. John Waipa, Mrs. Waipa, and Miss Flora Waipa; and because of the great joy and admiration that the patients had in the band, they showed this through the sending of this present; the gift was grasped by Mr. John Waipa and his family with pleasure, and they were filled with awe at this act done for them by the patients.

For this esteemed gift given by the patients of Kalawao and Kalaupapa to the singing group of Mr. Waipa, he and his family extend the endless appreciation to all of them, along with their request to all those who gave the gift, to accept their thanks and to always remember that their gift will be something for them to remember throughout their lives.

They also give their great appreciation to Director J. D. McVeigh for the warm hospitality extended to them while they were at the settlement on Molokai; and above all else, it is God who gives his highest blessings from above.

(Kuokoa, 4/28/1922, p. 1)

Haawi Makanaia Mai e na Ma'i o Molokai

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXI, Helu 17, Aoao 1. Aperila 28, 1922.

1 thought on “Patients of the leprosy settlement present gift to the Waipa Trio, 1922.

  1. Many, many thank yous for somehow making this posting available. I just happened to be doing an update search on Flora Waipa and this post came up on Google. Flora Waipa was my mother-in-law’s adoptive mother, making her my wife’s adoptive grandmother. My wife is named after “Mrs. Waipa” whose name was Martha Christina K. My wife’s name is Martha Christina Kahokuokalanikealohapauole.
    Mahalo from Tacoma, Washington


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