A music book gifted to the Honorable Lilia K. Dominis, 1868.

[Found under: “LOCAL NEWS: Oahu”]

A Precious Gift.—We have heard that our Composer of “Mele Lahui Hawaii,” the Honorable Mrs. Lilia K. Dominis, was gifted a music book from Germany, by one of their singers; it was presented with honor for her famous accomplishment: the composition of the lyrics and the searching for the music of “Mele Lahui Hawaii,” which is sung all the time by the choir of Kawaiahao and by all of us everywhere and its fame has been heard of in Germany. The book was sent by way of Mr. F. Banning, Esq., Consul of Belgium, to our precious alii. Printed in gold lettering on the cover was: “Lilia K. Dominis.” This young alii has thus received the fruits of her labors, and we hope that there will be more of her compositions here after.

[Anyone know what this book is and where it is located today?]

(Kuokoa, 3/28/1868, p. 2)

He Makana Makamae.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VII, Helu 13, Aoao 2. Maraki 28, 1868.

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