More on the National Anthem, 1883.

Hawaiian National Anthem.

In an open space in our beloved one of this day, that being the newspaper “Ke Koo o Hawaii,” that is coming to you, it is being shown that we have the honor of putting before you the Hawaiian National Anthem [“Mele Lahui Hawaii”] which was skillfully composed with feelings of aloha for her people by Her Highness, Princess Liliuokalani.

We are not printing this mele thinking that this is the first time it will be seen, for it was printed a long ago in years past, and its melody is memorized by most. However, there is a different reason we thought it was important to reprint it, and that being:

Amongst all enlightened people, the “National Anthem” is memorized by everyone. One of the first duties of a parent when instructing their children is to teach them to love their Monarch, to love the Flag of their Nation, to love their own people [lahui], to love their land, and to memorize their National Anthem and to be proud to sing this mele at all times and at all places.

Therefore, besides respecting God’s laws, the sacredness of those things mentioned above are cherished by enlightened nations all over the world.

In all places on this earth travelled by Hawaiians, whenever he meets up with someone born in an enlightened nation, he meets also within that person [e halawai pu ana oia iloko o ua kanaka nei ?] with what he constantly cherishes in all places travelled by him under the sun, that being—love for his King; love for his Nation; love for his People, love for his Land of birth; and the singing always with love and joy of the National Anthem of his homeland.

And while we speak of those of other nations, we do not forget to encourage our own natives of this lahui who we have the great fortune to have some of them read, memorize, and sing the National Anthem of our Nation, at all times and at all places they go, with joy and filled of pride, because singing for your lahui is singing for your very own self.

(Koo o Hawaii, 8/15/1883, p. 5)

Ke Mele Lahui Hawaii.

Ke Koo o Hawaii, Buke 1, Helu 1, Aoao 5. Augate 15, 1883.

1 thought on “More on the National Anthem, 1883.

  1. On p. 31-32 of “Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen”, Queen Lili’uokalani describes composing “He Mele Lahui” Hawaii in 1866 at the request of Kamehameha V, and there’s further discussion in “The Queen’s Songbook”, p. 43.


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