Leprosy patients on the run, 1893.

The Heroes of Ewa.

We have heard that the two leprosy patients, Manuela and Aikolani are in the uplands of Waiawa valley in Ewa, and that they are stocked with guns and bullets. The have enough fish and poi, and they have no difficulties with their living situation. They can just get on horses in the fields with their guns and go down to the sea. They have nothing to worry about. Manuel’s wife and child died long ago. We also hear that Kaleiwahea was seen in Halawa valley. How sad for these people living in the forests like wild animals.

[Here is yet another unclear digital image from a Hawaiian-Language Newspaper!]

(Lei Momi, 8/5/1893, p. 5)

Na Kaeaea o Ewa.

Ka Lei Momi (Oili Pule), Buke I, Helu 1, Aoao 5. Augate 5, 1893.


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