More on Liliuokalani’s 75th birthday celebration, 1913.


BRILLIANT in every respect was the reception on Tuesday morning at Washington Place, when the world and his wife bestirred themselves to rejoice with Queen Liliuokalani to congratulate her on her seventy-fifth birthday. Hundreds of people gathered there between the hours of 11 and 12, beautifully dressed, gay, each one happy to have this opportunity of showing his or her admiration and love for the fragile little queen who once ruled so graciously over these islands. One entered the grounds of Washington Place to the step of the Royal Hawaiian Band, which played old native tunes on the lawn. Within doors one heard the haunting rhythm of native meles chanted by Hawaiian attendants. The air was filled with the fragrance of plumeria and ilima, and one felt, as one walked among palms, bowls of exotic flowers, and tall kahilis,—sentinels of a former royalty,—that one had stepped into the romantic world of the old monarchy.

The queen received with the Princess Kawananakoa. Her throne was draped with royal yellow robes and surrounded with the standards of the kingdom. The queen was dressed in gray chiffon and velvet tinged with mauve, and trimmed with a collar of rare old lace. She wore beautiful diamond jewelry, and exquisite coronet of diamond stars capping her soft gray hair. About her shoulders was the cape of royal yellow feathers.

The beautiful Princess Kawananakoa was attired in white with black chantilly lace and the royal feather lei.

The guests were presented by Mr. E. K. Lilikalani, Col. Iaukea also assisted in the reception.

Many Attended Reception

Among those who called in the morning to pay their respects to Hawaii’s former Queen were:

Governor and Mrs. Frear, Miss Virginia Frear, I. D. Canfield, Mrs. Byron Noble, Miss Doria Noble, Miss Sara Featherstone, Miss Olive Gibbs, Mrs. Clifford Morgan, Mrs. H. L. R. Grove, Miss Mabel Anderson, Mrs. Will Wayne, Mrs. Harry L. Shaw, Mrs. Riley H. Allen, Mrs. W. Southard, Miss Edna Malone, Miss Laura C. Glover, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chillingworth, Miss Mabel Glover, Mrs. Abraham Fernandez, Mrs. Samuel Chillingworth, Mrs. Alice Hutchinson, Miss Bertha Kemp, Miss Clara Wilson, Miss Clara Brawthen, Miss Lillian Brawthen, Miss Julia Vince, Mrs. Luella Green Emmans, Miss Hannah Kaaepa Lowe, Nahea Kehokii, Mrs. E. A. McInerny, Mrs. Hoopii Oliver, Mrs. Roberta von Oellhoffan, David K. Kahaulelio, Mrs. Hanamaikai, Mrs. Goo Kim, Mrs. J. F. Mitchell, Miss E. Mitchell, Mrs. M. Oki, Miss Kauluwehi Aki, Kelii Aki, Peter Kealakaihonua, James Bishop Thomas, Miss Myra Mott-Smith, the Misses Thomas, Miss Katherine Elstone, Mrs. A. E. Murphy, Miss Thelma Murphy, Mrs. R. S. Woodford, Miss Dorcas Meyer, M. D. Jones, R. E. Berger, Mr. and Mrs. Davis Mowy, Cecil Brown, Miss Irene Dickson, Mrs. Fanny Strauch, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Forrester, Miss M. E. Mitchell, Miss Mary Ellen Dale, Mrs. Josie Belt, Miss Whitehouse, Mrs. C. E. Sherwood, Mrs. George T. Whittemore, Mrs. Edna Paxton, Mrs. George P. Thielen, Mrs. Lorrin Andrews, Hana Kamiau Evans, Miss Mabel E. Winkley, Henry Winkley, Mrs. Carl Miltner, Miss Sadie Whitehead, Miss Ruth Whitehead, Mrs. L. F. Martin, Miss Christiana Bradley, Miss Genevieve Bradley, Mrs. E. H. Waddell, Mrs. E. M. Watson, Miss Garda Everton, Mrs. F. W. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weedon, Mrs. John Mather, Mrs. Charles Winne, Miss MacDonald, Mrs. Burton Huntington, Miss Katherine Winter, Mrs. H. A. Wilder, Mrs. G. H. Lamberson, Mrs. R. R. Reidford, Mrs. John Warren, Miss Hoffmann, Miss Martha Beckwith, I. F. Pearson, Mrs. Agnes Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. William Burney, Mrs. George Robbins, Miss Georgia Robbins, Master L. R. Burney, Mrs. A. S. Humphreys, Miss Katherine Burke, Mrs. Nelson Lansing, Miss Carol Tripp, Miss Lucilla, Mrs. W. H. Barick, Miss S. L. Truelson, Captain and Mrs. W. H. Johnston, Mrs. J. B. Roe, Captain and Mrs. Marquart, Lt. and Mrs. Kay, Lieut. and Mrs. Longanecker, Mrs. B. M. Allen, Mrs. V. Ward, Miss Kulumanu Ward, Miss Kathleen Ward, Mrs. J. A. Henriques, Mr. and Mrs. John Bowler, Dr. and Mrs. S. D. Barnes, Mrs. J. J. Dowling, Miss Edmundo, Mrs. E. C. Howard, Mrs. George R. Carter, G. N. Carter, Miss Alice Fryer, M. Nyder, Miss Alice E. Krupp, Miss Edith Aldrich, Mrs. H. E. Dominy, Miss Clemence Gifford, Mrs. W. L. Gifford, Mrs. Paul Pettitt, Miss Virginia Pettitt, Miss May Crosno, Miss olive Crosno, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brown, Miss Francesca Del Mar, Mrs. A. G. Adams, Mrs. Charles D. Mueller, T. B. Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit P. Wilder, Helen Kinau Wilder, Samuel G. Wilder, Judge and Mrs. Sanford B. Dole, Mrs. K. W. Horner, Kaakua, Mrs. Kalalewai, Mr. Kamakakekai, Kalelo Kalii, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Peter, Col. and Mrs. French, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis P. Iaukea, Mr. and Mrs. John Dominis, Governor John T. Baker, Mrs. M. C. Gage, Mrs. J. M. Whitenack, Miss M. J. Davis, Mrs. H. C. Ovenden, Rear Admiral C. B. T. Moore, L. M. Stevens, U. S. A.; A. G. Kannegieser, Miss Callaway, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Taylor, Mrs. M. Baldwin, Mrs. J. W. McAllister, Dr. Lucy Moses, Miss Agnes Lenord, Miss Margaret Douglas, Mrs. Hannah Palmer, Mrs. Alice Brown, Mrs. Samuel Gordon, Mrs. Louise Ackerson, Mrs. T. M. Reed, Miss C. Reed, Mrs. Hattie Peterson, Richard Peterson, Miss H. S. Simpson, Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Brodie, Mrs. William Haley, Mrs. Caldwell, Thomas l. Massee, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, Thomas l. Massee, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kaland, John Mames, Mrs. Susanna Armour, B. F. Dillingham, Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bryan, Mrs. A. H. Letson, Arnold Weibel, Judge and Mrs. Antonio Perry, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Spahler, Miss Katie McAllister, Mrs. Henry Holmes, Miss Annie Lau, Mrs. E. L. Minel, Mrs. J. O. Wilder, Miss Daisy Wilder, Mrs. K. W. Horner, Mrs. Hannah Niauhoe, Mrs. Kuno Apa, Mrs. Andrew Brown, Mrs. D. M. Houghs, Miss Marriette Sexton, Mrs. Kate W. Cooper, Mrs. Ben Haaheo, Miss Ella Johnston, Mrs. Louie Custer, Mrs. S. M. Angus, Miss Myra Angus, Mrs. W. C. Cummings, Mrs. L. E. Edgeworth, Mrs. L. L. Hammerly, Miss V. Caesar, Mrs. A. Caesar, Mrs. Mary Boyle Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Raymond, Mrs. W. D. Adams, Mrs. Walter R. Coombs, Mrs. H. W. Marvin, Mrs. G. H. Smith, Miss Marjorie Smith, Miss Olive M. L. Manermann, Miss Bernice Gustiner, Miss Georgia Armstrong, Mrs. F. T. Warinner, Miss Helen Ambrose, Mrs. Sara L. Newcomb, E. A. P. Newcomb, Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Andrews, Sarah Worth Cousens, Mrs. L. M. Cox, Mrs. D. F. Thrum, Miss Margaret Clarke, Miss Helen Alfred, Miss Mildred Horne, Miss Lydia Williamson, Perley L. Horne, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Hatch, Mrs. Helen Rosa, Mrs. J. H. Maby, Mrs. Katherine Winter, Miss Aimee Mossman, Miss Marie Payne, R. F. Brown, Miss Vera Layne, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, Miss Ruby Johnson, Mrs. A. H. Crawford, Miss Marie Schied, A. Marques, Miss Cornelia Moodley, Miss Helen Moodey, Miss Lillian Moodey, Mrs. Charles Wyman, Mrs. Gonoe, Mrs. Riorden, Mrs. Harmon Hendrick, Mrs. A. E. Minneville, Miss Harriet Grant, Miss Dorothy Guild, Miss Rae W. Kingsbury, Mrs. J. L. Coke, Mrs. Laura Kekai Kaakulou, Mrs. Waiwaiole Pau, Mrs. Piikea Mersberg, Miss May Taylor, Mrs. T. Sharp, Mrs. Carrie A. Thompson, Mrs. A. K. Shepard, Miss Emmaline Magoch, Mrs. H. Anderson, Mrs. W. P. Osbourn, B. E. Beeman, Miss Agnes Anderson, Mrs. Arthur G. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. von Holt, Miss Johnson, Mrs. Sarepta Gullick, Mrs. L. H. Auld, Miss Miriam Stacker, Arnold Weibel, Mrs. Thomas Gill, Miss kate Gill, Miss Starkey, Guy H. Buttolph, Charles D. Wright, J. McLowe, George Kaing Lowe, Captain H. Berger, Mrs. Emma Metcalf Nakuina, Emil Nahili Hutchinson, Mrs. Frances M. Coon, L. Schley Moriarity, Miss Frances Humphreys and others.

(Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 9/6/1913, p. 13)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXI, Number 6683, Page 13. September 6, 1913.

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