Joseph Heleluhe, 1900.



Keakealani was the man. Kalehuna was the woman. Born was Keawemainui (m).

Keawemainui was the man. Kaleikumaielani was the woman. Born was Kuhailiilii (f).

Kuhailiilii was the woman. Alapai was the man. Born was Keaweopala (m).

This was Alapai, the King of Hawaii. The one who crushed a number of Rulers [Alii Aimoku]. Alapai died at Kikiakoi, Kawaihae, in the year 1753, and Keaweopala his child became the ruler of the districts [okana] of Kona, Kohala, Hamakua, and Hilo, in 1753.

Keaweopala was the man. Namoe was the woman. Born was Kanekoa (m).

Kanekoa was the man. Molao was the woman. Born was Kanoa (f), Kanepipi (f), and Kapela (m).

Kanoa was the woman. Heleluhe was the man. Born was Keoki (f), Kaioewa (f), Joseph Hewahewa Kaimihakulani Heleluhe (m), Kanoa (f), and Ana (f).

Joseph Hewahewa Kaimihakulani Heleluhe was educated in the district schools of Puna, his land of birth, and educated at Hilo Boarding School [Kula Hanai o Hilo].

He graduated, and then lived in Kau, and did physical labor. He moved to Honolulu and lived with King Kalakaua, and after Kalakaua was done, he then lived with Queen Liliuokalani as her Steward [Puuku], and remained in that capacity until they went to America in 1896.

On that journey to America, upon him was also placed the duty of secretary to Queen Liliuokalani.

He received that position because of his propriety, and his meticulousness.

They went once again to America in 1899 and returned home to the aina on June 4, 1900; he left behind his labors and hardships of life in this world on July 8, 1900.

He left behind him, his Royal Mistress [Haku Alii], his wife, his mother, a number of sisters, his children, and his friends.

He was an amicable man with an open heart, and the voice of his Queen was important to him.

He was a true patriot, and he was an envoy from the Hawaiian nation to America.

He was born in Kapoho, Puna, Hawaii, on June 2, 1855. He made 45 years old and 16 days.

(Aloha Aina, 7/28/1900, p. 1)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke VI, Helu 30, Aoao 1. Iulai 28, 1900.

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