Royal Hawaiian Band headed to America, 1906.


The picture below is of the Royal Hawaiian Band [Bana Alii Hawaii], famous here in the Hawaiian Archipelago, but there will be a small change, that being, this band will head to America in the month of June, and will stay there during the months of July and August, and will have two lady singers, which will be the entire band as is desired.

This picture was taken on the steps of the Palace, which is now the Executive Building [Hale Manahhooko]. Right in front of the band is Bandmaster Berger [Kumu Puhiohe Berger], who has been the leader since 1873. And on the left side is the lady singer, Mrs. Alapai, the sweet-voiced singer who enchanted the haole of Portland, America; a lady who has been with the band for nine years.

And on the right of the band is the second lady singer. Miss Lei Brown is a young woman, a student of the Kamehameha Girls’ School, and she just joined to accompany the band when they leave.

This is one of the fine-voiced young women, and those who hear her will not be left without being enamored by her song.

Mr. J. C. Cohen is the one who is organizing and putting effort into the venues that the band will play at for four months; currently he is working at it in America, in San Francisco preparing to receive the band when the arrive.

He is preparing advertisements publicizing the arrival of the band there. He is working to get the band to San Francisco [Kapalakiko], Portland [Potolana], Seattle [Sietela], Milwaukee [Miliwake], Chicago [Kikako], Buffalo [Bufalo], New York [Nu Ioka], Coney Island [Coney Mokupuni], Washington {Wakinekona], and some other cities.

(Kuokoa, 3/23/1906, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Helu XLIV, Helu 12, Aoao 1. Maraki 23, 1906.

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