History and the kahu hanai of Kamehameha, 1911.


O Mr. Editor of the Kuokoa. With appreciation: Please allow my clarification pertaining to the person who raised Kamehameha I. which was shown in the newspaper Kuokoa Home Rula of the past 10th of February, 1911, which said that it was Naeole who raised him. Forgive me for my late response, but I just received the issue of the aforementioned newspaper from a friend last week, and so that the true person who raised Kamehameha I. is known, who is not Naeole, that is the reason I am disseminating this information without the intent to show my relation to royal genealogy, being that it is shameful to speak haughtily; there are many now living who are related to alii and who prize the alii genealogist who are written in the books about the relatives of the parents of Kamehameha I., and here they are:

Keaweikekahialiiokamoku (m) dwelt with Kalanikauleleiaiwi (f), born was Keeaumoku (m).

Keeaumoku (m) dwelt with Kamakaimoku (f), born was Keoua (m), the father of Kamehameha I.

Here is the mother’s side; Kalanikauleleiaiwi (f) dwelt with another kane, Kauauanuiamahi (m), born was Haae (m).

Haae (m) dwelt with Kekelaokalani (f), born was Kekuiapoiwa (f), the birth mother of Kamehameha I.

Kamehameha I was born of Kekuiapoiwa (f) at Ainakea, Kohala, Hawaii. They were living there at the time, and that is where King Kalakaua searched for and built the statue of Kamehameha I, and that is the truth; that is what I heard from my kupuna; he was not born on a canoe and not in Halawa or Kokoiki as it is being fabricated. Here is the story of his birth:

Kekuiapoiwa (f) and Keoua (m) heard of the plan of the alii to kill secretly the child at birth, as he would be a rebel child according to the kahuna. When the mother was pregnant, and because of what was being said, “O-u ka maka o ka wauke oi opiopio o nui auanei kawowo aku [Pinch off the bud of the wauke while it is young lest it grow and multiply.]”,

A means for the child to escape and someone to raise him was sought; Kekuiapoiwa (f) and Kahaopulani (f) had a discussion. When Kekuiapoiwa (f) started contractions, the kahu had made ready in advance the messenger who would take the child from Ainakea to the sheer cliffs at Awini where Kahaopulani (f) dwelt. It was a female alii who raised Kamehameha I and it was with her own milk that she fed the chief; it was not with raw sweet potato or other things, that is only made up; because at the time, Kahaopulani (f) gave birth to her own daughter, that being Kuakane (f), who would be Kamehameha I’s fellow drinker of milk; Kamehameha was not the only one who she raised, but also Keliimaikai. When Kahaopulani (f) saw that the children could leave the sheer cliffs to go to Halawa, being that Keoua (m) and Kekuiapoiwa (f) were living at Halawa then, that was the first time the parents saw the children, and they were grown, but the chiefs who were living there at the time had no idea that this was Kamehameha. They believed that these were the children of Kahaopulani (f), and when she returned to the sheer cliffs, Kahaopulani took the children with her. She dwelt at Awini for a time and in the uplands of Keahialaka for a time. This is the truth; how is this not known? Here is the genealogy of Kahaopulani (f):

Luukia (f) dwelt with Kauhiaimokuakama (m), born was Ikawahi (f).

Ikawahi (f) dwelt with Ihikolopana (m), born was Kaleimakalii (f).

Kaleimakalii (f) dwelt with Keakealani (m), born was Keawekuikaai (m).

Keawekuikaai dwelt with Kihawahine (f), born was Kaaloaikanoa (f).

Kaaloaikanoa (f) dwelt with Umihulumakaokalani (m).

“E Umi
Kiai mau no Awini
Ke noho la oe i ka mauna
I ka uka o ke ahi Alaka
He hau ke kapa i ka ili
E Umi.”

[O Umi
Ever vigilant over Awini
You dwell in the mountains
In the uplands of Keahialaka
Dew is the kapa upon your skin
O Umi.]

they had three children, Palena (m), Paia (m), and Luahine (m).

Luahine (m) dwelt with Hikuikekualono (f), born was four sons, and one daughter, Kahaopulani (f), the one who raised Kamehameha I; and Kahaopulani (f) dwelt with Ki’oula (m), born was Kuakane (f), the fellow milk drinker of the chief.

Kuakane (f) dwelt with Kamoeau (m), born was Akimakaokalauhue (f).

Aimakaokalauhue (f) dwelt with Kamalanaikuaaheahe (m), born was Kapiimoku (f).

Kapiimoku (f) dwelt with Kekahili (m), born was O-u ka maka o ka Wauke oi opiopio (Mrs. Kamaka Stillman).

Part Tw0—Umihulumakaokalani died and Kaaloaikanoa (f) dwelt with a new man, Kaniauepa (m), born was Kapupuulaokalani (f) and Kalani Kikiwahikalani (m), and from there came Kanaina (m), the father of King Lunalilo and Queen Hakaleleponi.

This is the genealogy of my grandmother Kahaopulani, the one who raised Kamehameha I and Keliimaikai, his younger brother; it was not Naeole who raised him in Halawa like it is being told. This story is heard and known by heart by those of Kohala Nui and Kohala Iki.

Here I will conclude with aloha for the metal-type setting boys of the press and the Editor.



Kauluwela, Oahu.

[There are many articles in the many different newspapers of the time speaking for and against this claim. Is there just one history? Should there be just one history?]

(Kuokoa, 5/19/1911, p. 9)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVII, Helu 20, Aoao 9. Mei 19, 1911.

4 thoughts on “History and the kahu hanai of Kamehameha, 1911.

  1. Mahalo! My family is descended from Kamaka Stillman. I was raised knowing this history and the chants. My Hawaiian name was given to my family by Queen Emna and it shows our connection to Kamaka through the ‘pio’. I have all the records, chants and stories but my family is not listed as related to Kamaka because of her eldest daughter not being recorded. It’s been a fight to find a record of Katherine Stillman, but I have proof through all the old newspapers. Thank you for publishing this about my ggggggrandmother.

  2. Mahalo for this post! My family is a descendant of Kamaka Stillman. I was raised knowing her history and chants. My Hawaiian name was given to my family by Queen Emma and even shows our connection to Kamaka through the ‘pio’. There is a lot of controversy with Kamaka’s genealogy. Very few believe her chants on who raised Kamehameha. It is even written differently in some books. My gggggrandmother is not listed as a daughter of Kamaka Stillman but I have numerous newspaper articles that records the connection. Someday I will find an actual record.

  3. I don’t believe everything from this article. We are descended from Kanaina’s lineage. His parents were proven in supreme court to be Eia Kalauka Kahoalani and Kauwa from the house of Moana. I was researching Kapiimoku’s relations to our line.

  4. Who ever wrote this message you need to know male do not have breast and they don’t have MILK. The story went on Naeole needed a female that have a baby so that female can breast feed kamehameha .So kamehameha can survive during his escape route from Alapainui is own uncle.
    That is where Naeole came into play to keep kamehameha alive. Naeole had to take kamehameha through stormy weather, rough mountain climbing and rough flowing river did kahaopulani do that rough job ? NO ,They went to ever moku that had a female. Kahaopulani was not only the female to feed kamehameha there was other female with MILK in their breast and not Naeole. So in history go and find the first female before your kahaopulani . If you want to be Techncial go and find the 1st. Female that feed kamehameha 1. Kahaopulani was the last female to feed and care for kamehameha and her female baby kuakane. I’ll stop here don’t change history the story was done. This my opinion and history is moving forward.

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