History and the kahu hanai of Kamehameha, 1911.


O Mr. Editor of the Kuokoa. With appreciation: Please allow my clarification pertaining to the person who raised Kamehameha I. which was shown in the newspaper Kuokoa Home Rula of the past 10th of February, 1911, which said that it was Naeole who raised him. Forgive me for my late response, but I just received the issue of the aforementioned newspaper from a friend last week, and so that the true person who raised Kamehameha I. is known, who is not Naeole, that is the reason I am disseminating this information without the intent to show my relation to royal genealogy, being that it is shameful to speak haughtily; there are many now living who are related to alii and who prize the alii genealogist who are written in the books about the relatives of the parents of Kamehameha I., and here they are:

Keaweikekahialiiokamoku (m) dwelt with Kalanikauleleiaiwi (f), born was Keeaumoku (m).

Keeaumoku (m) dwelt with Kamakaimoku (f), born was Keoua (m), the father of Kamehameha I.

Here is the mother’s side; Kalanikauleleiaiwi (f) dwelt with another kane, Kauauanuiamahi (m), born was Haae (m).

Haae (m) dwelt with Kekelaokalani (f), born was Kekuiapoiwa (f), the birth mother of Kamehameha I.

Kamehameha I was born of Kekuiapoiwa (f) at Ainakea, Kohala, Hawaii. They were living there at the time, and that is where King Kalakaua searched for and built the statue of Kamehameha I, and that is the truth; that is what I heard from my kupuna; he was not born on a canoe and not in Halawa or Kokoiki as it is being fabricated. Here is the story of his birth: Continue reading