A father at Kalaupapa loses a son far away, 1903.

My Beloved Lei, My Child, Has Passed.

Mr. Editor of the newspaper Ke Aloha Aina.

Aloha oe:—May it please your honor to allow me some space of our precious “nupepa” for my bundle of sadness for which the title appears above, so that the friends of my child who live in the wafting Eka wind of that calm land may know.

In the evening of Friday, July 31, 1903, in Kailua, North Kona, Hawaii, the angel of death came to take the soul of my dear son, Jacob Kaleoalii, and he left silently alone on the path of no return, leaving behind his body for his mother and younger siblings to grieve over.

On Aug. 1, 1903, his remains were buried, for dust he was and unto dust he returned. Blessed be the name Jehovah, He who giveth and He who taketh away. Jacob Kaleoalii was born at Holualoa, Kona, Hawaii, in 1884, on Oct. 18, from the loins of Moses P. K. Kaleoalii and Mrs. Julia Kaleoalii, and Jacob Kaleoalii breathed in the toils of this life for 18 years and 9 months.

Being that I left my wife and children in those lands and was taken to this place of suffering, it was on the 12th of August which I was met with this sad news of the death of my son—So very sorrowful.

I close here with a heavy heart which Iehova will give solace to; Amen.

Sincerely yours,

Moses P. K. Kaleoalii.

[There is a presentation happening tomorrow evening at Native Books put on by the Historic Hawaii Foundation called “The Restoration of Family Ties: Bringing Home the Families of Kalaupapa.” For more information, click here. I wonder if this letter will help connect family members today to Moses, Julia, and Jacob.]

(Aloha Aina, August 22, 1903)

Kuu Lei Aloha he Keiki Ua Hala.

Ke Aloha Aina, Buke IX, Helu 34, Aoao 6. Augate 22, 1903.

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