The USS Boston leaves Hawaii, 1893.

That Wicked Eel Has Left.

On this day, the American warship Boston left the harbor and the land of which it assisted in persecuting and stealing its independence with the missionary descendants from Boston. Where could its previous captain [Gilbert C. Wiltse] be resting? According to the Calvinists, he is in Heaven, and perhaps the ship will go to fetch him.

(Leo o ka Lahui, 9/26/1893, p. 3)

Ua Haalele mai ka Puhi Ino.

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 777, Aoao 3. Sepatemaba 26, 1893.

1 thought on “The USS Boston leaves Hawaii, 1893.

  1. Aloha: To the ‘blogger’ here. I can’t think of another title. Sorry. I’m beginning a project of investigating Capt. Wiltse. I’d be interested in whatever you may have as I am about to do a FOIA on Wiltse to get his military records. I’m pretty well started with his ‘pal’ and subordinate and ‘co conspirator’ [some would say] Lt. Lucian Young and, if you are interested in this I’d be happy meet up or correspond and share what I’ve got on Lt. Young who is nasty piece of work [in my opinion]. I live across the street from UH Manoa. my email is ‘SteveLaudig@gmailcom’. Mahalo. Steve Laudig


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