Render unto Caesar… 1893.

The Pastor, the Pulpit, and the Church.

[Written for Ka Leo o ka Lahui.]

A pastor is one who travels. He goes far and wide. A pastor is knowledgeable and enlightened; he has spiritual wisdom, and his spirit is filled with aloha and patience; he does not grumble, is not snappy, nor impatient, nor hurtful; he has no contempt for others, when misfortune befalls him. He is truly devout, and prays sincerely for all, leaving none out; it is not right for a pastor to say:—”Ah! He will fall for he disregards the teachings of the pious.” The pastor should not say: “Because of his sins, he is cast out by God from above.”

When Christ was on this earth, he said: Do no harm to those that bring harm to you; love your enemy and pray for those who hurt you.

A Doctor is there for the sick, while a pastor is there to teach the sinners.

The Pulpit is an area built within a church where the pastor can speak the word of God. It is there that is poured forth the word of life; the harmfulness of sins, and the forgiving of sins through the blood of Christ.

The Pulpit is not made as a place to show the irritation of the pastor; and not for the ridiculing of people; and not to speak words of contempt and resentment; if that is what is being done, then it is terribly inappropriate, and it is a great fraud that the pastor is called a Christian.

The Pulpit must not be made into a place to speak of politics by the pastor. That is not his work; it is the job of the Nobles and perhaps that of the Representatives vying to become members of the Legislature, and those who are wanting positions in the administration of the government.

The Church:—Yes; the church is the Bethel of God, the building where the masses gather to worship and to do perform work of aloha.

It is definitely not right to make the church of God into a den of thieves; a place to fill with an audience for a play or amusement to help to make money for the livelihood of the pastor; the sanctity of the house of God should not be trampled upon for the purpose of making great money to assist in the workings of the Church.

This is what is understood by the devout everywhere. The church is consecrated to Jehovah; the pulpit is consecrated to the Word of Life; and the pastor is consecrated and ordained to demonstrate the Gospel [Euanelio] of Christ.

[This article found in one of the patriotic newspapers of the time, Leo o ka Lahui, was written in response to the anti-monarchy “sermons” given at the pulpits of many a church, here and abroad.]

(Leo o ka Lahui, 2/7/1893, p. 3)

Ke Kahunapule, ka Awai a me ka Halepule.

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 636, Aoao 3. Feberuari 7, 1893.

1 thought on “Render unto Caesar… 1893.

  1. All this mantra while we now know what historical narratives prove that the many of the same people who were talking out one side of their mouth with these words were insidiously setting up an illegal and ongoing occupation that is a comtinuous crime in progress vicitmizing Hawaii Kingdom Nationals to this present day.

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