Queen Emma, 25th birthday, 1861.

Birthday of the Queen.

This past 2nd of January was the birthday of the Queen, and she made twenty-five years old that day. The town and ships at port were decorated with many flags of all sorts and colors. When the sun began it descent, the great artillery at [the fort of] Puowaina was sounded, and the British warship, Alert, also shot off its cannons. It was a rainy day, and the streets were very muddy, so the people were not able to parade in public, however, this did not cause the love and appreciation for our “good Queen Emma” to wane, and from Hawaii to Niihau, our hearts are as one in our hope that she will see many a more birthday.

(Hae Hawaii, 1/9/1861, p. 168)

Ka la Hanau o ka Moiwahine.

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke V, Ano Hou.—-Helu 42, Aoao 168. Ianuari 9, 1861.

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