Another mele for Kawailani, 1913.


1. Maemae na lehua o Lihau,
Lamalama no i ka aekai;
Nohenohea na maka oia pua,
Ua like no me na lehua o Panaewa.

Hui—He lei hoohie ia na na kini,
He aloha kaumaka na ka malihini,
He koii hana mau i ka puuwai,
Ka iini no ia la o ka ike.

2. Maemae na lehua o Hopoe,
Ka popohe nenee i ke pili;
Ka mapu aala a ka hinahina,
He nani ia la he nohea i ka maka.

3. Maemae na kukui o Hanunenune,
He kukui pio ole i ka ulumano,
He milimili hoi na na lani,
He ala onaona hone i ka poli.

Hakuia e Joseph Henry Halemano.
Joseph Hawaii Valley, Tooele Co., Utah.

(Kuokoa, 1/17/1913, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIX, Helu 3, Aoao 6. Ianuari 17, 1913.

2 thoughts on “Another mele for Kawailani, 1913.

    • Aloha, I wanted to share here an except from my grandmother’s brothers writings while he lived at Lunalilo Home – handwritten (1953) by Joseph Henry “Wiki Bird” Halemanu, MY LIFE STORY,….. In the evening, a group of the boys known as the Hawaiian Troubadors would be rehearsing and us boys would be there a-listening to those Hawaiian musicians play and sing. I always loved singing and I would always join in and sing along too. When I got to be 16 yrs. of age (1909), I was playing violin and I got eight boys together, and we organized the Kawailani Glee Club. My brother James was a good singer, and he also belonged – and my sister Pua with a beautiful soprano also joined and two of the Mahoe girls Jane and Evangeline. So with this trio of girl’s and our voices – we all blended, and with our music we had everyone in the village boosting us, and we were all so happy! Our dances were always crowded. Everyone liked our music, and everyone was happy! Yes, music was always a big hit with me. We rehearsed several good programs to be used whenever we would entertain. One time, I was chosen to book our Troupe in theaters or halls in Tooele County. I left on horseback one snowy morning in February, heading south on roads I never was on before. After riding about 14 miles, the snow was falling so thick…..(end of quote). I had often wondered about the reason for the name “Kawailani” Glee Club. One thought came to mind recently when my husband did some work for the proposed Fire Station in Hilo which is planned to be located on Kawailani Street. I had not been aware of a street in Hilo by this name. I do know that my grandmothers grandfather (William Edwin “Kahananui” Halemanu) who was among the first settlers at Iosepa, Utah was from Hilo – as was his father G.W.D. Halemanu… Mahalo a nui loa for all your wonderful sharing! Aloha nui – Tasha.

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