Isaac Testa dies, 1909.


Isaac Testa, a well-known young Hawaiian, whose home is on Kalihi road, died on Christmas Day of dropsy, at his home. The deceased was a printer, recently of the Star, who until a few months ago was with the Hawaiian Gazette Company. He was particularly well liked by his employers…

The Late Isaac Testa.

…and by his fellow workers, among whom he set an example of industry and thrift. While with the Gazette he instituted a savings association among the men, as a result of which thousands of dollars were saved and invested.

Mr. Testa was a quiet man, but one who had a large circle of devoted friends. His death is a loss to the Hawaiians, among whom he was a leader in the right direction.

[It seems that this is the son of the sister of Hoke (Francisco Jose Testa).]

(Hawaiian Gazette, 12/28/1909, p. 3)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume LII, Number 104, Page 3. December 28, 1909.

1 thought on “Isaac Testa dies, 1909.

  1. Thank you so very much for this photo of Isaac Testa, and yes he is the nephew of Francisco Jose Testa. I’m a descend of Francisco Jose Testa, his great-granddaughter. Grandmother Isabella Keluhiaulani Testa and my father, Albin Ellsworth Franson I.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you🌾

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