Coconut grove of Kamehameha V at Kalamaula, Molokai, 1923.

[Found under: “NA ANOAI”]

Those who did not know before of the coconut grove planted by Kamehameha V in 1871 now know. These coconut trees were planted that year, and when he returned here to Honolulu, he died a year later in 1872. This coconut grove has grown very tall, and because they were planted close together, there are not much fruit. But it stands as a monument to this Alii, and is called by his name because it was planted by his own hands.

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It is also interesting to note that in the article “KA HUAKAI MAKAIKAI IA MOLOKAI” by W. J. Coelho, describing a trip around Molokai, found in Kuokoa, 7/6/1922, p. 3, it says:

I spoke of the coconut grove of Kamehameha V in Kalamaula. It is said that it was Kamehameha V who planted that coconut grove in 1864. The truth is that it was Meyer senior [Maea makua]—during the time of the King, Kamehameha IV who planted it. That was when Meyer married the mother of the Meyer family. When they were wed, they went upland of Kalae, and built a little house. It was a grass hut. Meyer began to work hard and peddled butter. After, Meyer was granted the care over the lands of Kamehameha IV, he planted coconuts by the beach, as a place to go for his lord the alii. It was Meyer who planted them, and not anyone else. Meyer himself told an important man of Honolulu, and it was from him I got this information.]

(Kuokoa, 4/26/1923, p. 2)

Ua ike aku na kanaka i ike ole mamua...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXII, Helu 17, Aoao 2. Aperila 26, 1923.

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