Hula common nuisances? 1859.

[Found under: “HAWAIIAN LEGISLATURE. ADJOURNED SESSION 1858: House of Representatives: Dec. 29, Twenty-First Day.”]


Mr. Sheldon from the select committee on the subject of hulas, presented a draft of a bill for their suppression, as follows:

“An act to suppress the Hawaiian Hulas.

Be it enacted, &c:

Sec. 1. That the Hawaiian hulas mentioned in this section are common nuisances. Whoever shall publicly perform the following hulas, viz: Kuolo, Pahu, Puniu, Paipu, Paiumauma, Kakalaau, Kihelei, Pele, Ulili, Kii, Kilo, Kake, Pela, Alaapapa, Pana, Ami, Pahua, Olapa, and hulas of like nature, whether performed by an individual or by an assembly, shall, on conviction thereof, be punished as guilty of a common nuisance. Provided, however, that this act shall not be regarded as prohibiting any Court of the Kingdom from applying the law of common nuisance to any dances or hulas not specified in this section, if they be proved nuisances.

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect at the expiration of three months from the date of its publication in the Polynesian and Hae Hawaii newspapers.”

Ordered for Friday next.

[The members of the House there that day were: S. P. Kalama, S. Lainaholo, James I. Dowsett, J. H. Kaakua, J. W. Austin, Paul F. Manini, M. Kapihe, J. S. Low, Ioane Richardson, C. K. Kakani, D. Nuuhiwa, J. H. Kaauwaepaa, R. S. Hollister, E. P. Kamaipelekane, J. E. Chamberlain, Z. P. Kaumaea, M. Kenui, J. W. B. Kiolea, J. W. Kupakee, J. Kahai, J. M. Kalanipoo, D. H. Hitchcock, and H. L. Sheldon.

The committee itself was made up of H. L. Sheldon, James I. Dowsett, and S. P. Kalama.]

(Polynesian, 1/1/1859, p. 2)


The Polynesian, Volume XV, Number 35, Page 2. January 1, 1859.


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