The importance of mele, 1860.

Pertaining to Mele!

O PEOPLE THAT KNOW FINE MELE AND the old Mele, I want you all to send those Mele in, and some will be published in the Hae [Ka Hae Hawaii]; and some will be kept; for those things are valuable. The Philomathian Society [?? Ahahui ma na mea naauao]  at Punahou is wanting old Mele to put into their archives to be looked at at a later date. S. C. Armstrong [S. C. Limaikaika].

Editor of the Hae.

(Hae Hawaii, 3/21/1860, p. 203)

No na Mele

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 4, Ano Hou.—Helu 51, Aoao 203. Maraki 21, 1860.


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