The birthday of Pauahi, 1901.

Yesterday was the birthday of The Chiefess Mrs. Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Amongst the alii who passed on, Ke alii Pauahi is one who lives on in the minds of her lahui. She accumulated her great wealth and before her passing, she left most of it to build a School for the children of her people. Her strong desire was that her lahui be taught English and the proper knowledge for them to progress. Today there has been hundreds who have benefited from the knowledge they gained from these schools. She has gone on but left an unforgettable monument standing upon her land.

Lunalilo blessed the old people of his aina; Queen Kapiolani, the women who are increasing the race; Pauahi, educates those children. Those are the alii who left enduring monuments; and their names shall forever reverberate against the beloved walls of Hawaii nei.

(Kuokoa, 12/20/1901, p. 2)

O nehinei ka la hanau o Ke Alii Wahine Mrs. Bernice Pauahi Bishop...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXIX, Helu 25, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 20, 1901.

2 thoughts on “The birthday of Pauahi, 1901.

  1. Charles Reed Bishop was also instrumental in carrying out the wishes of his beloved wife’s trust and will, we honor him for his integrity, business smarts and seeing his wife’s vision benefited native hawaiian children. That is were he should be abundantly credited. Unlike others in the past, who swindled and stole from Ali’i. Thousands upon Thousands of Hawaiian children have had the opportunity to benefit from the education and fostering of good character that Ali’i Pauahi intended for her beloved lahui a me ka po’e Hawai’i. Even strong Hawaiian women (myself included) know that we are not capable of doing it ALL, when others kokua mai ‘oe you are strengthen by goodness and the laulima of others. It’s the Hawaiian way – Na Laulima. Even Kamehameha I did not unite the islands by himself, Queen Ka’ahumanu- Kuhina Nui and his favorite wife. Together she was influential and powerful in many of the Lahui’s decision making. Mahalo Piha Charles Reed Bishop for all you have done.


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