Ahuimanu College Examinations, 1871.

Ahuimanu College.

Ahuimanu College is under the administration of the Roman Catholics; the students had their examinations last week Wednesday. We very much wanted to see firsthand the progress made by this school, but we did not know ahead of time, and its examination date was not advertised. And therefore, we perhaps can take word of their progress from people who were there and who weighed for themselves. This school, many years ago, was under the leadership of Rev. Walsh, and these days, it is being taught and lead by Rev. Father Lievin, the one who is known for his abilities, kindness, and some other good traits for the proper administering in the advancement of the school.

We were informed that the visitors enjoyed the spelling and clear reading of the students of the lower classes. The young students who could not speak English they ear before, could now pronounce clearly what they were reading. This was a testament to the strength and competence of their teaching and their guidance; giving hope that if they continue to progress in that fashion, they will not fail to make advancements in the future. The teaching and making clear to the students about reading clearly is very important in the knowledge of reading that is to be ingrained in our youngsters; whereas studying hurriedly will be worthless in the end; that kind of learning is nothing more than a horse race.

The classes were quizzed on Grammar, Geography, Arithmatic, History, and beginning Astronomy—the students were first questioned by the President of the school, and thereafter the questioning was left to the visitors. The questions posed by the visitors were not taken from the texts that they learn from, but were questions from outside the texts but pertaining to what the students learned in the confines of their studies. What was hoped by giving those questions was to draw out their true competence in what they were taught, and the questions were answered correctly; and that showed the true proficiency in the lessons that they were tested in. In the areas pertaining to Singing and Speaking, they have made advancements; and also in penmanship, it is truly fine and their lettering is clear. As for offering praise, it is worthy to give it to the best ones, like the Hawaiian boys, V. Kapule, Iosepa Poepoe, J. K. Loio, Zachariah Kapule and John Spencer; it would seem that these are the best at what they have been taught.

The position of this College is truly fine for the lives of the students, for it is built at the base of hills; a very comfortable place where you get the fresh air from the forests, and it stands far apart from being surrounded by other houses. The school session is from the 20th of August to the 4th of July. The cost for the food and board and tuition is from $60 to $100; and some students who are very needy, are just enrolled for free. We truly hope that this College succeeds.

(Au Okoa, 7/13/1871, p. 2)


Ke Au Okoa, Buke VII, Helu 13, Aoao 2. Iulai 13, 1871.

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