Lonoikamakahiki, unattributed, 1909.




Son of Keawenuiaumi

And Fearless Grandson of


And the Famous Riddling Chief of Great Hawaii of Keawe.

O Lonoikamakahiki kapu a Kalani
O Kalani kapu a Keawe i hanau
Hanau Kalani he Alii kuhalau
He lau kapaahu nehe o Lono—e.

[Lonoikamakahiki, the sacred one of Kalani
Sacred Kalani, born of Keawe
Born was Kalani, a expansive Chief
O Lono, a rustling of a heap of mats.]

(A Hawaiian Story.)

Words of clarification.—The story of Lonoikamakahiki is one of the stories delighted in by the native Hawaiians of Hawaii nei of the olden days, and it is a moolelo that was enjoyed by the alii born in this land who have passed on. We have endeavored to print this story to the greatest of our ability, but it is a common thing for there to be discrepancies from what is published with what is memorized by some people. May our readers please be patient with the mistakes, and take the valuable things that will teach us of the nature of the deeds of the alii of our land of days past. Publishing the valuable stories of our alii and makaainana of our land of the past is of great importance. We hope that this story will travel its path, delighting the readers of the Hoku. But do remember, O Readers, that money is what makes this possible, and consider that our kupuna were generous and welcoming people. Open the purse of aloha, and remember the life of our beloved.— Editor.

[This story of Lonoikamakahiki appears in Hoku o Hawaii from 7/8/1909 to 12/9/1909. Unfortunately, the first 11 buke of the Hoku, from 5/3/1906 to 5/24/1917 are not available yet online.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 7/5/1909, p. XXX)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke IV, Helu 10, Aoao 1. Iulai 8, 1909.

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