The parentage of Kalaniopuu, 1867.


It is said that Kalaniopuu was the child of Peleioholani, the King of Oahu, and that he was called Kalaniopuu, that being Kaleiopuu, the lei of Kualii, that is the tooth of the whale and whale ivory made smooth in the shape of a chicken spur [opuu], and that is what was the royal adornment of the alii of Oahu—this was not the case with Hawaii Island [who wore tongue-shaped lei niho palaoa].

Kalaniopuu was begot by Peleioholani and Kamakaimoku at the waters of Alele, right above Waipahu, in Waikele, because Umiulaakaahumanu, the mother, and the brothers, of Kamakaimoku, Heulu and Naili, were at Waikele—So too was the name of Keoua, it came from Peleioholani, and that is the reason Kalaniopuu and Keoua did not war with the chiefs of Oahu during the war at Naonealaa and Puunene at Kaanapali and the other battles—That also is the reason Kalaniopuu did not fight with Molokai during the time of Kumahana and Kahahana.

But Kamakaimoku was Kalaninuiiamamao’s wahine; she was pregnant for six months here on Oahu and then returned to Hawaii and lived there until she gave birth, and Kamakaimoku named the son, the name Peleioholani gave Kamakaimoku should she give birth to a son—but the Hawaii Island people called him Kalanikekumaieiwakamoku.

[Although you will find in most genealogies that Kalaninuiiamamao is given as the father of Kalaniopuu, there is the above account from S. M. Kamakau (Ruling Chiefs, p. 110). Even Kamakau however, in a different column, gives Kalaninuiiamamao as Kalaniopuu’s the father.]

(Kuokoa, 2/16/1867, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VI, Helu 7, Aoao 1. Feberuari 16, 1867.


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