Lydia Bingham returns to head the Honolulu Female Seminary, 1867

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Honolulu Female Seminary.—In our advertising columns will be seen the advertisement of the Honolulu Female Academy, which is another of the schools provided by Christian benevolence for the benefit of the children of this highly favored land. This institution will, it is hoped, supply a felt need for a home for girls, in the town of Honolulu, yet not too near its center of business. It is being commenced in the substantial buildings erected many years since by the American Mission as a printing house and bindery, in connection with the premises of the Rev. E. W. Clark, now occupied by Dr. Gulick. Miss Lydia Bingham, sister of the commander of the Morning Star, a few months since resigned her position as Principal of the Ohio Female College, near Cincinnati, which numbered 150 pupils, for foreign missionary work, and recently arrived in the Morning Star to take charge of the educational department of this school, in the parish so long under the pastoral care of her honored father. We bespeak for the institution the kind interest, and generous assistance of all well wishers of Hawaii.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 4/13/1867, p. 3)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XI, Number 41, Page 3. April 13, 1867.


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