Early days of some of the greats, 1933.

PTA news


C. C. Robinson of the Y. M. C. A. spoke on “Developing Comradship Between Parents and Children” at the Liholiho P. T. A. meeting at Cummins school last Thursday evening. F. Nobriga, principal, introduced the speaker.

It was announced that there will be a sale of laulaus at the school on February 4, with Mrs. Kaulia in charge.

There will be a Valentine Party on February 14, for the faculty and P. T. A. officers.

Each month a different group has charge of the entertainment. At this meeting Mrs. Kaulia presented the following Hawaiian program which included hula, “Beauty” by Iolani Luahine; solo, Leimomi Kaulia; trio, Lydia Kaloio and companions; chant, Keahi Luahine; hula olapa, Helen Smythe; duet, Leimomi Kaulia and Mabel Kaulia; songs, “Akaka” by Emma Paishon and Iolani Luahine; hula, Lydia Kaloio and Julia Doyle, and hula, Lydia Kaloio.


Home influences was the topic discussed by Chaplain Patrick J. Ryan of Ft. Shafter at the Fern P. T. A. meeting this week. He spoke of the science of education and the necessity of proper reading, including religious books.

The Ulu club members entertained with songs and dances. The police hula was danced by Irma Hussey, Healani, Mabel and Arma Holbron, “Nani Nuuanu” sung by Helen Fuller, Lahapa Kauhane. Katie Hussey and Telen Akau, the luau hula given by Imila Ramsay, Henrietta Fuller, Katie Hussey and Lottie Cathcart, and an uliuli hula given by Helena Akau, Arma Reis and May Lobenstain. Refreshments were served.


Miss Grace Harvey of the art academy told the parents of work done by the second graders in art classes at the second grade parent teacher association meeting Tuesday afternoon. Miss Van Vactor and Mrs. Slingerland, second grade teachers, were introduced. Mrs. Howell Bond, third vice president of the elementary school, presided. The work done by the children was exhibited.

(Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1/28/1933, p. 12)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XL, Number 12784, Page 12. January 28, 1933.

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