Steadfast behind the Lahui, 1896.


As a spokesperson for the people, and being that we are all angered by the contemptuous words of the people who stole our beloved land; we continue to protest these acts to this day; therefore, we speak on something we saw which is stealing once again; and that is this:

October 24, Bulletin Newspaper²; the newspaper stated:—Professor Berger of the Government Band [Bana Aupuni] has put a request before all the members of the National Band [Bana Lahui Hawaii] for the boys to agree to give time to teach his musicians to sing; time to sing will be made between the first and second parts and so forth.

And being the boys of the National Band will join with the “Peacock government [aupuni Pikake]³” Band, it shows those on the outside that the two sides have joined together and the disagreements have become as naught.

That is the gist of this report which we saw; and those rights of yours, O Hawaii, will be stolen once again.

Therefore, we ask you, O Pua o Hawaii: Is not this haole, Berger, the one who treacherously said, “You will eat stones”? Is not Berger the one who told you that you are like lambs that will return and kneel before him? Is he not one who maligned our Queen?

Therefore, O Pua o Hawaii, uphold your oath to the lahui in that “Mele Ai Pohaku” that you all composed; dismiss his idea to teach his smelly students; don’t allow our rights to be stolen by these wretched baboons.

Therefore, from the side of Lahui, the Land, and the Queen, we show our protest, and condemnation should any of you or all of you agree to the sweet talk of the serpent, as saliva trickles down his mouth, for it will be death.

Kaulana na pua a o Hawaii
Kupaa mahope o ka Lahui
Hoohui aina kuai hewa
I ka pono kivila a o ke kanaka.

¹The “Pua o Hawaii” refers to the opening line of the song, “Mele Ai Pohaku” which is more commonly known today as “Kaulana na Pua,” composed for the Hawaiian National Band members by Eleanor Kekoaohiwaikalani Prendergast.

²”Singing at Band Concerts,” Daily Bulletin, 10/24/1894, p. 3.

³The Peacock government is the Provisional Government.

(Oiaio, 10/26/1894, p. 2)


Ka Oiaio, Buke IV, Helu 43, Aoao 2. Okatoba 26, 1894.

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