Vote for Hawaiians? 1893.


The Star is either densely stupid, or deeply dishonest, in its attitude on the question of the suffrage and of the civil and political rights of the Hawaiian, under annexation. In fact, annexation, in view of the prospects of certain early changes in our political conditions can no longer claim a place among the questions of practical politics impending over us. But, aside from that, we would again point out the weakness in the assumption of the annexation organs upon this point of Hawaiian suffrage. The Star says of the Hawaiian,—”Annexation offers him equal citizenship.” It does nothing of the kind. It offers him no citizenship at all, while robbing him of that which he has hitherto enjoyed. We challenge the organs to point to any pledge, on the part of any person, or body of men, authorized to take action in the premises, at all calculated to assure the Hawaiian of any political rights whatever, in case of annexation. The only authentic utterances upon this subject, up to this date, are those contained in the Treaty which Mr. Harrison sent to the Senate, and in the published addresses and interviews of the P. G. Commissioners by whom that unspeakably bad document was signed. In all of those we find no suggestion of civil rights for the native Hawaiian. On the other hand they fairly bristle with possibilities, probabilities, assertions and threats of a general and exhaustive spoliation of all those rights. If the Government organs allege that that treaty and those mouthings of the Commissioners do not represent the policy of the Provisional Government, we can only, in reply, repeat our already oft-iterated suggestion that the P.G. has not in any way, so far as the public know, disclaimed or repudiated either the treaty or the mouthings of its infatuated and frothy Commissioners. It is idle for the irresponsible and non-representative “Annexation Club” to pass resolutions “conferring” the ultimate right of the franchise upon Hawaiians. If the present managers retain control and carry their point, the ultimate right of the native will be recognized coincidently with the termination of human government on earth. The Hawaiian voter cannot be caught by such chaff, or deceived by such dishonest arguments.

(Daily Bulletin, 4/12/1893, p. 2)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume V, Number 699, Page 2. April 12, 1893.


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