Revival of the Kawaihau Glee Club, 1904.

The Kawaihau Glee Club Reawakened.

It is a happy thing that we received news that Kawaihau Glee Club was revived, one of the clubs that made Hawaii popular for singing, and it is one of the old groups of Hawaii nei that was established to entertain at celebrations and concerts.

The singers of that club returned, the ones who carried the ball [? hapai i ka poka] of Kawaihau and joined the old circle with whom they doubled up together in the cold of California. James E. Shaw [Kimo Ko], that famous tenor of Hawaii nei, who is employed in the law enforcement field has not lost his youthful appearance because of that work, and he will join in and his sweet [waikoloa] tenor  voice will be heard always. Solomon Hiram [Solomona Hirama], Hawaii’s man who has been a singer for a long time, has returned and his leading voice will be heard in the gatherings in which this club joins in the future. John Edwards and Ben Jones have not gone, and their sweet voices will be heard while the booming bass comes from Ben Jones.

The old people who joined are Major Kealakai, Palikapu and John Bright. Amongst the new ones who joined are Jim Kulolia, Joe Kulolia, George Nahaolelua, John Nahaolelua, Samuel Nainoa, Bila Keawe, Kapule, Paakea, Duke Kahanamoku  and some others.

With this revival, the Kawaihau Club can supply two or three celebrations at once.

Most of the boys of this Kawaihau Club that was revived are familiar to some states and cities of America being that they travelled there some years ago, and through their travels, Hawaiian mele garnered acclaim in the ears of the white-skinned people.

With this revival, these expert singers of Hawaiian songs left the leadershipto Charles Hopkins [Kale Hapakini], Hawaii’s youth who is putting Hawaiian mele to musical notes so that those who have not sung the song before can still know the notes to sing. The appearances of this club in the future will be with the youths whose names were stated above.

As for a picture of the club, see our moolelo page.

(Kuokoa, 6/10/1904, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLII, Helu 24, Aoao 5. Iune 10, 1904.

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